1.2 Connect Skills Trainer- Part-time

LaGrange Area Department of Special Education (LADSE)
Job Description

Terms: 85 days mostly during school, and summer days (5-10 days)

Job Goal: Responsible for training of students in 1.2 Connect Classroom experiences as well as train students at community worksites by providing intensive support and evaluation of vocational skills.

 Reports To: LADSE Program Coordinator Vocational Services

Qualifications: Minimum of three years’ experience in special education, rehabilitation, vocational, or business education, or closely related experiences in a human service field. College graduate preferred.

 Duties and Responsibilities: 
  1. Responsible for providing vocational training through in-person delivery of 1.2 Connect Unit Objectives.

  2. Evaluate student performance and provide detailed feedback to student’s IEP and CCWP teams.

  3. Coordinate delivery of the 1.2 Connect curriculum with each LADSE district and provide a customized approach to curriculum delivery.

  4. Work as a team within the LADSE Vocational Unit to deliver effective Vocational Training to LADSE District students. 

  5. Maintain confidentiality of student information.

  6. Substitute when needed at alternate worksites. 

  7. Build professional relationships with employers and supervisors in the community as a representative of LADSE and the WIOA program.

  8. Educate employers, supervisor, and co-workers about working with students including modifications, adaptations for natural supports. 

  9. Assist in developing natural supports within worksites.

  10. Reduce direct supervision by developing student’s ability to complete all job tasks without assistance.

  11. Maintain ongoing contact with supervisor of the CCWP Program

  12. Other duties as assigned.


Application Process:

Apply online at  https://www.applitrack.com/ladse/onlineapp/default.aspx?Category=Secondary+and+Transitional+Vocational+Services
Contact Information

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